Our company, through all these years has developed different types of emulsifiers. Each one has been designed to support the formulation requirements of the demanding ethnic products.


Emulsifying blend, that gives exceptionally stable O/W emulsion systems in a wide range of PH (5-10).

  • Compatible with most commonly used oils (polar and non-polar), silicones and actives.
  • No additional gelling agent or stabilizer required.
  • Easy to handle and use.
  • Solves challenging emulsification issues.
  • Acts as sole emulsifier in the formula.
  • Appearance: Off white slabs.

Recommended use level: 2%-6% Depending on the desired viscosity and the percentage of the oil phase.

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The new generation of Emulsoft NOW /1 with improved properties:

  • Decreases production time and energy.
  • Emulsification can be performed effectively at lowered temperatures 65-70°C compared with EMULSOFT NOW/1.
  • Produces emulsions of cosmetic elegance (luxurious shiny appearance, pleasant- silky feel, quick absorption without soaping or whitening effect).
  • Forms liquid crystal emulsions with lamellar structure that resembles the lipid system of the horny layer. Exceptional stability with a soft conditioned after feel.
  • Emulsions can be formulated over a broad viscosity range from flowing liquids to thick creams.

Appearance: Off white slabs.
Recommended use level: 3% – 6%.

Depending on the desired viscosity, the percentage of the oil phase and the skin feel –rich or light).


Emulsifying blend designed to emulsify and produce stable O/W emulsions for low pH skin care formulations such as lightening creams/lotions.

  • Ideal for products that contain high amounts of AHA mixtures, BHA mixtures, hydroquinone and H2O2 .
  • Bestselling product in the category of whitening creams, exfoliating-keratolytic creams and oxycreams.
  • Lowers significantly the irritation score of the final product by controlled release of the actives.
  • Exceptionally stable at high temperatures and high humidity conditions.
  • Appearance: Off white slabs.



Properly designed emulsifier blend for the production of Hair Relaxers based on lye system (sodium hydroxide alkali relaxer) and non-lye system (guanidine hydroxide relaxers) with a high pH (12-14).

Development of Multi Lamellar Structure Emulsions that have the following ideal properties for hair relaxers:

  • Emulsion Stability without Separation
  • Less scalp Irritation
  • Enhanced Oil Deposition
  • Less Cuticle Damage
  • Increased degree of Conditioning
  • Natural substantively
  • Thixotropy to promote Fast Release of oil and water actives
  • Quicker penetration of alkali – Rapid Relaxation

Technical characteristics of the emulsifier as well as technical guidance concerning the development of the product can be given in details upon request.



Is an oil soluble, multifunctional, silicone based emulsifier for the preparation of W/O emulsions.

  • Development of both lotions and creams.
  • Easy to formulate.
  • Excellent spreading and film forming properties.
  • Superior light and silky skin feel.
  • Offers exceptional emulsifying properties with a low addition level.
  • The amphiphilic nature (combination of polymeric and polyfunctional groups) gives a high emulsification potential of almost all cosmetic oils.
  • Ideal heat stability profile.
  • Excellent hydration properties, barrier function (TEWL), wash-off resistance, less preservatives needed (less irritant).
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