Active Ingredients


A.H.A’s  α-hydroxylic acids, are carboxylic acids substituted with a hydroxyl group on alpha carbon. They are mostly found in fruits and milk.

Our company produces different type of A.H.A’s  in different PH ranges.


  • A.H.A  with   2 ≤PH≥3
  • A.H.A  with   3≤PH≥4
  • A.H.A  K ( kojic acid)    PH≤3

All technical information, certificate of analysis, material safety data sheets  of our A.H.A’s are available.

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  • Lightening properties.
  • Antiaging effects.
  • Regulate sebum production.
  • Fight skin blemished caused by acne.Skin regeneration.

Applications: Face and body lightening creams and lotions.

Recommended use level: 2%-5%. (Higher percentage can be used under technical advice.)



Description – Oil soluble active complex. It combines in high amounts the “miracles” of African and Mediterranean earth,
Shea butter and Olive oil and other beneficial oils.


  • Moisturizing agent –short and long term action
  • Soothing and calming properties suitable for post treatment products.
  • Anti-Oxidant, skin protection effects.
  • Provides shine and strength to hair shaft and scalp.
  • Nourishing effects (skin& lips).


  • Face creams
  • Body moisturizing creams and lotions.
  • Skin toning products with A.H.A’s and other whitening agents.
  • Aggressive hair treatments eg. Relaxers and Hair food products eg pomades.
    Foot creams.

Recommended use level:  1%-5%

Natural moisturizer complex has many other applications.
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Description:  Multi-functional, active complex based on an anionic polysaccharide
of linear structure, Aloe Vera inner fillet gel and D-Panthenol.


  • Soothing and moisturizing.
  • Anti-aging, restructuring healing.
  • Sensorial booster.
  • Soft touch effect.


Face creams for all skin types.

  • Sunscreens.
  • Make-up applications.

 Recommended use level: 1%-5%.


Description: a balanced mixture of volatile cyclic dimethyl polysiloxane and polydimethylsiloxane .


  • Gives a soft and silky feel to skin and hair.
  • Improves spread-ability of the final product without greasiness.
  • Decreases soaping and whitening effect during application.
  • Improves wet and dry combability.
  • Low surface tension. Ideal spreading for hair.
  • Acts as moisture barrier.
  • Protects from heat, sun and mechanical damage.

Applications: Face and body creams and lotions, hair products,
Antiperspirants, deodorants, stick products, massage oils.

Recommended use level: 1%-3%

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