Water Treatment

Water Deionizers



                                                                                                                                                                                                        Type Ionic
                                                                                                                                        Automatic Water Deionizers consisted from cationic resins H unit and ionic   resins OH unit.
Complete with digital electronic programmer.
The unit is followed by all hydraulic and electric connections.
The capacity of the Unit starts from 750 L/H up to 18000 L/H.

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Water Softeners

Type Dol

Automatic Softener with timer.
DOL Softeners produces daily the quantities of the Softened water is build to do.
The timer of every production step gives an optical sign in order to inform
you on which stage it is.
The maximum capacity of the DOL Softeners is from 1400Ltr/H up to 32000 Ltr/H

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UV Sterilization System

Type SH

These radiation produce molecular photochemical reactions
as they are absorbed by the biding electrons in molecules.
In this reaction with microorganisms mainly by adsorption at wavelength or 253,7mm the molecular dissociation damages the cell membrane
and the DNA and RNA molecules of cells nucleus.
This cause local mutations and precludes reproduction of the
microorganism, which are inactivated
and therefore leads to their destruction

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Reverse Osmosis

Type ROM

Reverse Osmosis is a process which allows to remove salts and organic materials
from brackish and sea water by means of a synthetic semipermeabe membrane.
In order to realize the process it is necessary to put under high pressure
the water to be treated. Under the effect of high pressure , only pure water and
a small percentage of salts pass through the membrane.
The potable water supplied contains less than 500ppm of salts,
in conformity with W.H.O. Standards and it is very delightful for human taste.
Our units are constructed with a modular system using one or more membrane
and are complete with a high pressure pump, electric control panel and instrumentation.

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Flow Meters

Type FMC

Flow Meters suitable for thin, neutral, corrosive, non flammable liquids.
Flow rate from 10 to 100Ltr/min and operating pressure 4bars max.
Viscosity :max.2.500mPαs Accuracy : +_ 1%

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Sand Filters (SF) for retention turbidity and small particles in suspension
Activated Carbon Filters (ASF) for odor absorption and
bad taste of chlorine and organic Substances .
Filters of Iron and Manganese (DF) for retention ion of Iron and Manganese.

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