Besides our activities, in chemicals, we have also developed our business in fragrances. 

We, since 1993, have a collaboration agreement with a domestic perfume industry.   

The experienced chemists, of our company, on the development of chemicals for ethnic products in collaboration with, the specialized and full of artistry perfumers of the perfume house, provide to our customers:

  • Fine fragrances- eau de cologne, eau de perfume, body sprays.


  • Personal care  - body lotions, body creams, face creams, shampoos ,  hair conditioners, hand liquid soaps, antiperspirant roll-on, hair gels, hair pomades, hair relaxers.


  • Household products - dish washing detergents, liquid detergents, fabric softeners, powder detergents, glass cleansers.


  • Air fresheners. 


We get inspired from the market itself ,the nature,  from your  ideas even from emotions to develop successful fragrances. 

We combine the inspiration of development, the knowledge of chemicals, the formulation knowhow and always the needs of the market to propose, an ideal fragrance for your product or even to develop your own fragrance for your product!